archive : ドロテア・セロア Dorothea Seror

archive : ドロテア・セロア Dorothea Seror


photo : Susanne Alden

Dorothea Seror is a multidisciplinary artist. Her artwork includes conceptional and performance art, land art, video art, installations, objects, direction and more.

She studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany graduating in 1998 (Diploma and state exams). She has also completed advanced studies in dance and body therapy. 彼女は、ミュンヘンのファインアートアカデミーを1998年に卒業しました。ダンスとボディセラピーについての研究もしました。

The body, its endurance, sexuality, beauty and pliability are central in her performances and productions. Through provocation and interaction, she invites the audience to look more closely and often refers to defects, which have social and political origins. 身体とその強度、セクシュアリティ、美、そしてその柔軟さは、彼女の重要なテーマです。彼女は、しばしば観客を挑発し、参加を促し、社会的、政治的問いの原点にある問いにアプローチします。
In her work, she draws attention to the possibilities and responsibilities that man has over planet Earth and the peaceful coexistence of all beings.
For that she deals with the topic of recycling. 彼女の作品では、人類が地球上のすべての生き物と共生する可能性と責任への注意を向けています。そのために彼女はリサイクルというトピックを採用しています。
She participates in researches about rituals and spiritual practice from different cultures, which support to take care of healthy environment and mankind. 彼女は、様々な文化における儀式的、スピリチュアルな実践についてのリサーチ活動にも、参加しています。そのことにより、彼女は、実際にも、環境と人類の健全さを守りたいと考えています。


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Title: Aquanitas
date: 2016
venue:Essen, Germany
Invited by the Kunstverein des Bistum Essen“ to make a ritual for the kickoff event for the Kunstverein, she created this „transparent funeral“. Material like stones, wax and water represent different stages of matter: firm, soft and liquid. The ending of one „matter“ also can be the transformation into another stage of the same tissue. The participation of all the people involved in the process and the visibility of the transformation generates a conscious and positive approach toward the active aspect of dying. 


Title: Back to Earth
date: April 2016
venue:Lagos, Nigeria
Performing for Afririperfoma Biennial in Lagos at the Yaba Art College 

Covering her white skin in Africa can have several meanings. First of all I try to diminish the difference between the appearance of human beings with different skin colours. Secondly, She wants to cover all her skin in this performance because it is tradition in African masquerades. Thirdly, she want to become the same material our bodies will become after death: Earth.


Title: Help me-a pilgrimage
date: 2016
venue : Netherlands
With coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents you cannot buy anything in the Netherlands. She went to many shops, offering coins of 10, 20 and 50 cents or 1 Euro and changed them their useless copper coins. In the tower of the church of Enschede She counted the money. Dragging the coins behind her, she walked all along the mall from the city center to the gallery, asking people to help her. In the gallery they separated the coins (1-, 2- and 5 cent coins) and weighted the money. 
オランダでは、1セントや2セント、5セントでは何も買うことができない。彼女は、いろいろな店に行って、10セント、20セント、1ユーロをその使えない少額コインにくずしてもらい、まず、それを教会のタワーで数える。そして、それを載せた白い大きな布を背中の後ろで引きずりながら、「help me」というカードを胸にかけて、街中を歩き回ります……..


Title: Granary of Europe
date: 2015
venue : Lviv, Ukraina


Title: PEIN
date: 2014
venue : Marburg, Germany


Title: The Ideal Body
date: 2013
venue : Enschede, Netherland
As the body is the most important instrument of a performance artist, she tried to sculpture her body in a period of six weeks with ongoing training. Together with the athletes of the studio cross fit Twente she presented the result and the work out at the Twente Biennale as an art performance.


Title: Melusine
date: 2012
venue : Darmstadt, Germany
Performance Melusine is a mermaid, which she does stuff with plastic garbage, collected in the forest of Darmstadt for the “international forest art path 2012”. This land art piece deals with artefacts, which can be found in the landscapes all over the world. In this artpiece garbage transforms into art.
まず、集めてきたプラスティックゴミを洗って干します。 用意したマーメードの舟の本体に、プラスティックのゴミを詰め込み、湖に浮かびます……….

Title: Buddha’s waiting
date: 2012
venue : Munich, Germany
In the course of a day she is spinning herself in a cocoon. At the end she cut herself out with a knife.

Title: Lawn Golem
date: 2009
venue : Munich, Germany
The Golem is a crea- ture made of clay in Jewish folklore. On the one hand, this mute man-made creature was man’s servant. But when not controlled carefully, the Golem would turn into a murderous monster. Thus, She uses the idea of the Golem to describe

the way the western world treats nature. Man adapts nature to his demands with man-made products like lawn turf. In her performance “Lawn Golem”, the creation of the Golem is done in the opposite direction. A human being of flesh and blood turns into a seemingly lifeless creature that is part of nature. In some kind of funerary ritual, the living offer blooming owners, bringing the being back to life.


Title: P.I.N.K
date: 2004
venue : Munich, Germany
少し若い頃のドロテア。たくさんの卵(30個くらい?)を少しずつ移動させます。人通りの多い路上での介入のパフォーマンスです。どうやら、茹で卵のようで、それに気がついた子供がむいている。食べたのかな? 人々は拾って、じっと見ていたので、何か書いてあるのかも。パフォーマンスを見ている人も結構います…..彼女の暮らしているミュンヘンの街中、地下鉄の入り口でしょうか。


*Project by Dorothea Seror

Title: Beyond Ritual
date: 2017
venue : Munich, Germany
the body of power | the power of body

Performance art, shamanism, spirituality.
Art or religion? Fashion, or the desire for meaning in our existence? In the project Beyond Ritual  international artists told about their own work, their cultural background and their scientific view on the subject. We experienced performances and rituals that truly enchanted us and we even learned how to become a sorceress ourselves. Together with the artists dived into a world of energies, which are created by the power of the bodies, the spirit, and the souls of the artists involved. Beyond art and religion we experienced our own potential, our spiritual abilities and our actual selves.