event 11: TALKS about 80s~90s Performance Art in Japan

event 11: TALKS about 80s~90s Performance Art in Japan

IPAMIA event 11 Oral History Project 2022 

TALKS about 80s~90s Performance Art in Japan !?

29th December 2022  16:30 open 17:00~ start

venue:SUBTERRANEAN https://www.subterranean.jp B1F 46-1Hikawa-cho Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

admission: ¥1000(1 drink)

Guest Artists : Shin-ichi Arai, Kazuhiro Nishijima, Mari Tanikawa, Tokio Maruyama 

Guest : Ko Matsunaga(Art Coordinator)

Performance art was all the craze in the 1980s!? So what exactly was it, who was doing what and where? Why is it completely unresearched and nearly forgotten? We at IPAMIA, an archive of performance art documnent videos, inerviewed with seven of the people who were active in the field at the time, as part of our 2022 project to connect the missing link. Of course, we are still at the very tip of the iceberg. So, in this year-end public event, we are going to invite them together to introduce their activities and hold a cross-talk session to find out new facts and new perspectives that did not come out in the interviews, and to explore the next direction of research. And of course! We’ll pull out some interesting hints for the future of performance art!