Project : Durational Performance Project Tokyo (DPPT) 2024

Project : Durational Performance Project Tokyo (DPPT) 2024

In 2024 IPAMIA would collaborate with Jungle Gym, an artist-run space in Higashi Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, for the Durational Performance Project Tokyo (DPPT).

Durational Performance is still ambiguously defined as “Endurance Performance,” and refers to performance that is performed over a much longer period of time and with a greater physical load than is usually implied. Although such expressions have been recorded/memorized in the past in both the East and West, it was probably around 2010 that such a term started to be used. IPAMIA is currently researching this.

The project will involve a series of workshops, lectures, and exhibitions (performances) while researching related materials.

DPPT will organised events in this project in cooperation with the art space PARA, Jimbocho and Contemporary Art Gally CHIKA, Ebisu, Tokyo.

The members of DPPT as artists are Yamazaki Chihiro from Jungle Gym, Ishida Takahiro, Kitayama Seiko, Nakatani Naoki, Yamaoka Sakiko, and Hiraoka Nozomi, as a writer.

Found member :

Yamazaki Chihiro was born 1990 in Hokkaido, Japan, he studied contemporary art at Tokyo University of Arts, majoring in oil painting, in 2009, and began fieldwork-based research at the university’s postgraduate school. He has participated in a number of art festivals outside Tokyo, including the 2014 Odate-Kita Akita Art Festival and the 2016 Fukushima Contemporary Art Biennale, establishing a site-specific style. He has been engaged in diverse expressive activities that are not limited by media, based on the theme of ‘Invisibilised Domination’, which was inspired by his residency in Kashmir, India. In recent years, he has produced video works and a thesis on the theme of ‘domination of the body’, using her own family’s experience of being brain-dead as a motif. He holds a PhD from the same university.

Kitayama Seiko was born 1982 in Nagano, Japan, she started performance art in 2008, participating in performance festivals in Japan and abroad, and in the 2010s, she developed performances that draw the audience into the performance. In recent years, she has been performing in a number of surrational performances, such as Chasing a Shadow all day long, Waiting for Flowers, and Verbs, in which she performs a six-hour archaic performance of verbs collected from the audience. Research member of IPAMIA.

Yamaoka Sakiko born in 1961, based in Tokyo. Studied oil painting in Musashino Art University, Tokyo. She has engaged in the practice of performance art since the 90’s. Since 1996 she has taken part in various performance art festivals around the world, including across Europe and North/South America, Korea, China, and SouthEast Asia.Taking the thought of Performance Art as a fated process approaching the body as a single place/knot as her base she builds a practice extending across event production, moving image, photography and drawing, drawing upon the themes of public/private space, sculptured time and the consciousness of bodies. Director of IPAMIA. sakikoyamaoka

Hiroka Nozomu was born in Tokyo, Japan, 1990, he graduated from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University, in 2013. In the same year, he entered the Master’s course in Psychology at the Graduate School of Humanities, Gakushuin University, from which she withdrew in 2015. Reviewer at Spider and Broom (organised by Takuma Ishikawa) and Subterranean, Itabashi. Trying to preserve the time of looking at something itself in writing.

Ishida Takahiro was born in 1995 in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, and graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2020 with a degree in Environmental Resource Science, Faculty of Agriculture.
While attending university, he became widely interested in the arts, and from around 2020, he began dancing and playing as he wished in a photography studio and on the street using items found on the spot and everyday items, and having his acquaintances take pictures of him doing so. Gradually, he began to produce his work as performance art. His work is initially inspired by his own experiences and inner world. Research member of IPAMIA.