archive : Kitayama Seiko          

archive : Kitayama Seiko          

                                       photo by 唐詩慧

Seiko Kitayama was born in 1982 and studied painting at Tokyo Zokei University and Musashino Art University. She managed the artist-run space and organized regional-art project at her university. She started Performance Art in 2008 and participated in festivals and residency programs in India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Mexico, America, China, Singapore, Philippines, Serbia, Czech and UK. When she performed together with audiences, she got interested in building interactive relationships and compassion between artist and audiences.  To explore her interests, she started  to make her performances that works with audiences in several Performance Art festivals. The  theme of her work was about suppression of society and resiliency between you and me.  Recently, she has ever made her performance works at her house. She has tried her performance at those spaces to think about actions in people’s lives and emotions at their homes .Also, she has ever produced her original performance events collaborated with performance artists in  Japan
and other countries. In 2020, she organized the event named “At home”, which she  makes  performance with various artists in her house. In this COVIT-19 situation, she has tried transferring her thoughts that have been developed by doing live performances into video performance. She is  a member of a group, KOUI-IZEN, in which we do durational performance event staying in various places in our country. Also the member of a group, IPAMIA ( Independent Performance Artist’s Moving Images Archive ), which makes archive and study of performance art.

title : “Calling for the shadows”
date : 26th December 2020
venue: forest in Seya-ku, Kanagawa, Japan 神奈川県瀬谷市民の森
edit : Seiko Kitayama

title : “Life As a Butterfly
date : 22nd September 2020
venue: Asahi-ku, Kanagawa, Japan 神奈川県旭区  
project : Equinox solidarity Pilipinas SIPAF 2020
edit : Seiko Kitayama
cooperation of performance: Yohei Kina   喜納洋平

title : “In the woods”
date : 18th December 2020
venue: forest in Seya-ku, Kanagawa, Japan 神奈川県 瀬谷市民の森
edit : Seiko Kitayama

title : “Watering In a Square”
date : 9th November 2020
venue: Roof top of apartment in Yanaka, Tokyo  アパート屋上 東京都谷中 
project : rooftop pafo +hot pot fun event
video camera : Megumi Shimizu  清水惠み
edit : Seiko Kitayama

title : “Rooms”
date : 1st August 2020
venue: At my house, japan 自宅にて 
project : Miami Performance International Festival ‘20 Facebook Live Streaming
collaborate with : Yohei Kina 喜納洋平
edit : Seiko Kitayama

title : “As rolling down the hill 転がり落ちるように”
date : 26th July 2020
venue: forest in Aihara-town Tokyo  東京都町田市相原町の山
project : Holiday performance  休日パフォーマンス
collaborate with : Megumi Shimizu 清水惠み
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “Say the opposite of ……”
date : September 2018
venue: Tomioka, Fukushima, japan 福島県富岡町
project : “Responding” International Performance Art Festival and Meeting
video camera : Takumichan たくみちゃん
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “A String
date : 10th September 2018
venue: Iwaki-Yumoto, Fukushima, Japan 福島県いわき湯本
project : “Responding” International Performance Art Festival and Meeting
video camera : Akiho Azuma  東秋帆
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “In the case
date : 11th July 2018
venue: Nakano ZERO, Tokyo  中野ゼロ、東京
project : Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2018  東京創造芸術祭2018
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “Do the stones feel a breath?   石は息を感じるか?
date : 4th November 2017 
venue: Gallery Hanagura , Nagano, Japan  ギャラリー花蔵 長野市
project : A Painting Class Exhibition   絵画教室みたいな絵画教室展
edit : Seiko Kitayama



title : “Officially Licensed Performance
date : July 2017 
venue: Intersection Gallery , Singapore
project : Performance Resources Orchestra 
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “A leaf between you and me
date : July 2017 
venue: Zarch Collaboratives, Singapore
project : Performance Resources Orchestra 
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “Trip with”
date : April 2017 
venue: Xiang Xishi Contemporary Art Center, Xi’an, China  
                相西石現代アートセンター 西安市、中国

project : GUYU Action International Performance Art Festival 
                    谷雨行動 国際行為芸術祭
video camera : Lu Deshen 呂徳生
edit : Seiko Kitayama



you can watch, if you are enough old

title : “Candle Face
date : 2016 
video work
edit : Seiko Kitayama


title : “candles”
date : 2016
venue: Suigyoku-do, Gyoda-city  Saitamama, Japan  翠玉堂   埼玉県行田市 
project : Bakery Performance Art Event  パン屋会
edit : Seiko Kitayama