archive: Yamaoka Sakiko  in Art Spaces

archive: Yamaoka Sakiko in Art Spaces

This page presents performances by Yamaoka in museums, gallery spaces and other art spaces. The works in public spaces arehere

By thoughts of performance art of that is a “destined” process for undertaking a body as one place //node. She works not only performance art but also moving images, photographies, drawings(paintings). She has been interested in creating sculptures of time, opening delusion in individual minds, questioning for public spaces.Since her performance in Singapore Art festival of Fringe (organized by The Artist Village ,1992), she has taken part with various kind of performance art festival in more than 22 countries, Europe and North/South America and Asia. Then she organized the event “Performance Art!” in The University Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (2000). She stayed and researched performance art in Europe at E. P. I. Zentrum (Cologne, Germany) dispatched from Japan Foundation (2004) for half a year. And then she presented her work in “National Review of Live Art” (Glasgow, U.K., 2007). In 2010 and 2012, She participated with an art project called ”Dislocate” based in Tokyo and created performance series about public spaces. She created moving images work about relation of individual desires in “Curitiba Biennale” (Brazil, 2013). In 2016 she found Independent Performance Artists Moving Images Archive(IPAMIA). (under construction)

title :  Blessing Breathes 2020   “The Body Maintenance” 
date : 25th Ocotber 2020
venue: 旧大宮図書館   Old Omiya Library, Saitama
project : さいたま国際芸術祭  Saitama triennale 2020 
IPAMIA event 10 ”見えない経験、組織されない身体”

date : 2015 
title : More Desire  (short edition )
venue : ChaingMai チェンマイ、タイ
project : Asiatopia
camera : Megumi Shimizu  清水恵み
edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子

title : Relocation
date : September 2014
venue : Singapore
project : Future of Imagination 9
photos : Watan Wuma     edit : Sakiko Yamaoka

title : Wind from Sky vol.4
date : 12th September 2010
venue : Koganei Art Spot – Chateau 2F 小金井アートスポット シャトー2F
project : Château Performance-art Margaux  
camera : 田上真知子 Machiko Tagami   edt : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子


title : Wind from Sky
date : September 2008
venue : Xspace gallery, Toronto
project : FADO Performance art+7a*11d


date : 8th May 2008
title : Wind from the Castle
venue: Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland  ワルシャワ現代美術館、ポーランド
program: Interakcje – International Performance Art Festival  
camera : Boris Nieslony    edit : Sakiko Yamaoka


title : Drill vol.5 (Chapter2)      ドリル 5  (2番目のシーン)
date : Febuary, 2007
venue : Tramway, Glasgow, U.K. トラムウェイ、グラスゴー、英国
project : National Review of Live Art
camera : Chumpon Apisuk     edit : Sakiko Yamaoka


date : 2006
title : Drill vol.2
venue : Cable Factory,  Helsinki, Finland  

program : La→ Bas,   organized by Irma Optimisti


date : 2005
title:Action for Cancer
venue : Platform studio, Ginza, Tokyo  プラットフォームスタジオ、銀座
Project by Yasunori Shiobara 塩原康則


date : December 2004
venue : Scuplture Square, Singapore
project : Future of Imagination 2004
Camera :      edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子


date : 2003
title : Garden (Short edition)
venue : Machinen Haus, Essen,  Germany
project :  E.P.I Zentrum  by Boris Nieslony 
camera : Radical Egal       


date: 2003
title : Listen! directly
venue : Orangerie, Volksgarten, Köln, Germany  
project :  E.P.I Zentrum  by Boris Nieslony 
camera : Chumpon Aspik       edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子


date : 15th October 2000
title : Blessing Breathes
venue : The university Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music  東京藝術大学大学美術館陳列館、東京
program: Performance art! (art Link 上野 – 谷中2000参加企画)
camera : Reiichi Noguchi 野口玲一   edit : Sakiko Yamaoka


title : 死んだせみの重さを知るために
date : 1999
duration : ’33”12 
venue : Free space PRAHA, Sapporo, JAPAN /フリースペースプラハ、札幌
coordinator : Kazuyo Yasuda/安田和代 
co-sponsor : PRAHA Project
camera : Taku Ohashi /大橋拓 
digitized from VHS by IPAMIA

title : 耐えつつ飛び降りるためのエチュード  Etude for frying
date : 1997
venue : Zamek Krzyzacki w Bytowie, Poland  ビトウ城、ポーランド
project : Castle of Imagination
camera : Fumiko Takahashi 髙橋芙美子 edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子


title : Caprice (inside version)      カプリース (室内編)
date : 10th October 1992
venue : Takaido Club (Gallery Art SOKO) , TOkyo
co-performers : Fujio Hagihara, Yasuaki Morita 萩原冨士夫、森田恭章
edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子

title : More Plates  皿なるこころみ 
date : April 1992
venue : Hong Bee Whare House, Singapore
project : “The space” The Artists Village Show, Singapore Festival of Arts
camera : Noboru Yoshida  
edit : Koh Nguang How

tile : no title
date : 28th May 1991
artists : Fujio Hagihara, Yasuaki Morita, Sakiko Yamaoka 萩原富士夫、森田恭章、山岡さ希子
venue : Yanaka Cemetry, Tokyo 谷中墓地, 東京
project : Yanaka meeting 谷中会議
camera : Nakajima edt : Sakiko Yamaoka 山岡さ希子