This page presents performances by Yamaoka in public spaces such as streets, public spaces and villages. Click here to see her work in art spaces    here

By thoughts of performance art of that is a “destined” process for undertaking a body as one place //node. She works not only performance art but also moving images, photographies, drawings(paintings). She has been interested in creating sculptures of time, opening delusion in individual minds, questioning for public spaces.Since her performance in Singapore Art festival of Fringe (organized by The Artist Village ,1992), she has taken part with various kind of performance art festival in more than 22 countries, Europe and North/South America and Asia. Then she organized the event “Performance Art!” in The University Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (2000). She stayed and researched performance art in Europe at E. P. I. Zentrum (Cologne, Germany) dispatched from Japan Foundation (2004) for half a year. And then she presented her work in “National Review of Live Art” (Glasgow, U.K., 2007). In 2010 and 2012, She participated with an art project called ”Dislocate” based in Tokyo and created performance series about public spaces. She created moving images work about relation of individual desires in “Curitiba Biennale” (Brazil, 2013). In 2016 she found Independent Performance Artists Moving Images Archive(IPAMIA). 


date : September 2015
title : Be in a space in a time (3hours duration)
venue : Shinjuku 3 chome, Tokyo    
camera : Akira Takahashi    edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2013
title : Targeting High Five  
venue : Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya streets, Tokyo 
co-performes : Hiroto Naokatahira, Kanako Nagai 
camera : Toshio Iwata  edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2013
title : High Five Gardening  
venue : Street in Curitiba, Brazil
project : Curitiba Biennale 2013     camera&Edit  : Guilherme Artigas


title : Public Service Center
artists : Prayas Abhinav and Sakiko Yamaoka 
venue : Suginami, Tokyo  
date : 5th, 7th,  8th  November 2012
project : Dislocate 12 
camera and edit by Xaisongkharm Induangchanthy


date : 2012
title : Targeting Zigzag  
venue : Panda Bridge, Ueno, Tokyo
co-performer ; Chi-too 
camera : Toshio Iwata   edit : Sakiko Yamaoka

date : 2010
title : Street Kampai  
venue : Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F  
project : Chateau Performance Art Margaux
camera : Machiko Tagami  edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 


title : Angels are Watching 
date : 2010
venue : Akihabara station,Tokyo 
project : Dislocate 10 (Emma Ota)
camera : Toshio Iwata   edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2010
title :  Love or Not  
venue : Akihabara street, Tokyo   
project : Dislocate 10 (Emma Ota)
camera : Midori Kadokura   edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


title : Blind Game  (2hours  duration)
year : 2010
venue : Daan Forest Park, Taipei, Taiwan 
project : ArTrend  ( Yeh TzuChi )
edit  : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 15th August 2009
title : Drill vol.6    (2hours duration)
venue : Streets in Shibuya, Tokyo  
co-performer : Yuichiro Takahashi 
camera : Ten Goto   edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 


title : Come with Me
date : 2009
venue : Ginza, Tokyo 
camera : Shizuka Kimura   edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2008
title : Come with Me
venue : Shinanomachi, Tokyo  
project : Gigmenta (Bigakko)
camera : Mariko Tajiri edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2008
title : Come with Me
venue :  ATM in  a bank, Toronto, Canada 
project :  7a11b, FADO
camera : Shanon Cochrane      edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 


title : Best place to Sleep
year : 2007
venue : ATM in Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Head office, Tokyo 
camera : Yoshinori Niwa  edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


interview in the village
performance in the cemetery

date : May 2007
title : We are Elegant
venue :  Gemblangan Jogjakarta, Indonesia  
project : Perfurbance #3
camera:Sakiko Yamaoka (Interview version),    Nien Dhita (performance version) edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 2007
title : Missing in Yokohama
venue : Street in Yokohama, Japan  
camera : Pawel Kuczynski  edit : Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : 3th March 2006
title : Navels in world  (photo slide documatation)
venue : Sanagino-ie Kotobukicho Yokohama  
participants : Nonoko Ono, Mari Tanikawa, Toshiaki Ogata, and residents in the town 
project : 39 ART
camera : Sakiko Yamaoka and Nonko Ono  
edit: Sakiko Yamaoka 


date : December 1993 ~ 1996
title : Tokyo Dragon Tornado Project   
venue : 28 places in Tokyo  
camera : Hiroko Nagatomo, Toshiaki Ogata, Sakiko Yamaoka  edit : Yamaoka 


date : May 1992
title : Topaz  
venue:  Singapore river  
project : “The Space” Fringe event for Singapore Art Festival 1992
orgnized by The Artists Village
camera : Hitoshi Ushijima  edit : Sakiko Yamaoka