archive :Hanagata Shin

archive :Hanagata Shin

Born in Tokyo in 1995. After graduating from Keio University SFC, he enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Information Design at Tama Art University. Based on his interest in what “I” am in the technologically accelerating capitalist society, he creates and practices bodies that reconstruct the boundaries between self and other, human and non-human.

2021 Stilllive (Goethe Institut, Tokyo)   
         Agoraphobia (Token Srt Center, Tokyo) 
         CAF: Exhibition of selected works(Hilside Forum, Tokyo)


work series : still human 2021~

To be human is to have free will, to fulfill the responsibilities that come with it, and to be respected as an autonomous individual. However, in this highly capitalistic society, it has become a logic that affirms our insane repetitive clicking, which is trapped in a filter bubble by algorithms, and our labor as cheap actuators that act under the control of corporate systems, accelerating the exploitation of us. And it drives us to be the “ideal” person.

Tired of such a world, I try to renounce my humanity, withdrawing from the illusion of free will, responsibility, and individuality.

I wear a camera on my toes and watch the images through a head-mounted display. In other words, my eyes are shifted to my toes. This degenerates my entire body. The “front” changes to the direction of my toes, which in turn changes everything about the way I use my body. I’m like a newborn organism, experimenting with new ways of using my body. The desire to move forward and see what is in front of me is so overwhelming that I lose all linguistic thought. The world that I have seen before appears as fresh as if it were new to me. I am glad that my sense of touch positions me in the world. Indeed, I am experiencing a sense that I am becoming something different and changing.

“As the willful brain reverses the structure that enslaves the body, my own body is reversed, and the world driven by the illusion of this will is reversed. In this way, I forget myself and escape from “humanity.

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title : still human
date : 28-30 May 2021
venue: a room in an appartment in Shin-Okubo , Toyama park, Tokyo
event : Physical Escape Camp vol.1

title : still human
date : March 2021
venue: Tama Art University,  Artist’s Home, Tokyo

work series : Uber Existence 2020~

Together with engineer Katsumi Furuta, Hanagata implemented this service and actually started living as an actor. While documenting the strange events that occur when a body is replaced by another, Hanagata ponders the nature of labor, freedom, and “I” in the modern age.

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title : Uber Existence PV
date : 2020
venue: downtown in Hachioji, Tokyo 

title : Uber Existence – new year eve 
date : 31 Dec 2020 – 1 Jan 2021
venue: Kanda Shrine, Tokyo
event : Online event

work series : Paralogue 2017~2019

Paralogue is a situation that others parasitize in your own arms and that creates a body in which the self and others overlap. The host wearing the device on his arm moves his arm by EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) regardless of his intention, and the arm begins to behave as if a remote parasite had possessed it. At this time, the arm, which was undoubtedly a part of the body of the host, appears as another person with the ego.

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title : Paralogue
date : 2018
venue: NUKan-nai (Yokohama)、EDGEof Shibuya (Tokyo)
event:Augmented Human 2018