archive : Takahashi Riko

archive : Takahashi Riko

Born in 1995 in Ehime. She is currently a student at the Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in Advanced Art Depertment. Performance is the main artistic activity of her. Her work is mainly site-specific, generic and minimalist. By deciphering the structure and order in which phenomena exist in a site, she derives and performs actions that respond to these situations, and rethink the fundamental perception of space.

co-performer : Kobayashi Shuji
title : In the Board 
date : 2021
venue : Isama Studio, Nakanojo-Town, Gumma, Japan
project : Nakanojo Biennale
camera &edt : Tomita Ryohei
camera assistant : Hirose Yoshihiro 

title : Blue Live Ⅳ
date : 2020
venue :Toride-Ryokuchi park, Ibaraki, Japan

title : Walk on the Wheels
date: 2019
project: Blurborders International Performance Art Exchange

venue: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand


title : In the board
date :
venue :
project :

title : Floor_White
date : 3rd June 2016
venue : Dust Bunny, Otsuka, Tokyo


title : Floor_Dishes
date : 6th November 2016 
venue : Tama Art University
project : Tama Art University Festival


title : Floor_Drink water ‚€
date : 20th December 2016 
venue : Shinjuku Ganka Gallery 
project : Shinjuku Ganka Gallery Underground event “Mountain on the Window”