archive : BBB Johannes Deimling

archive : BBB Johannes Deimling

photo Monika Deimling

“For more than 30 years the German artist and art pedagogue BBB Johannes Deimling is internationally active and known in the field of Performance Art with his “enacted images (agierte Bilder)”, a term he is using since 1989 for his works. The performance images of the artist are initially created purely visual but gradually access to all the senses to form a holistic view on the banalities of everyday life with all its challenges and changes. Based on Deimling’s daily observations of the world, these ephemeral images can be seen as condensed moments and metaphorical triggers. The artist says about his performance images: “It is not about what you see, but more about what you don’t see.”.Stimulating the mind to reflect or even rethink our views on the world is combined with purposeful use of gesture, movement, and materials. These three components are mastered by Deimling over the years and establish his unique, poetic art language. To sharpen one’s view is Deimling’s intention.


“On January 8th, 2008 BBB Johannes Deimling founded PAS | Performance Art Studies based on his teaching experiences and own artistic work. He is since then the artistic director of the art & education research project and has realized over 70 research studies with over 1300 international art students and artists in over 30 countries.

PAS | Performance Art Studies is an independent educational research project that is offering intensive studies to people interested in performance art. The study’s aim is to provide the participants with a comprehensive form of learning and teaching in process of performance art. The courses are practical and theoretical research studies examining performance production, perception, and documentation.”


Title : It won’t always grow back #15
year : 2018
art all, Rehlovice, Czech Republic
Camera: Lisann Greiner-Bechert
Thanks to: Marie-Luise Lange, Lisa Tostmann


Title : It won’t always grow back #9
year: 2017
venue: Galeria Kobro, Łódź, Poland
Camera: Elizabet Damyanova
Photographs: Monika Deimling
copy right : BBB Johannes Diemling


Title : It won’t always grow back #5
year : 2016
venue :  FLAM festival,  Amsterdam
Camera: Imke Zeinstra