archive : Black Market International

archive : Black Market International

BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL is a collective of 10 artists from 7 countries (as of 2020) that has been performing, conducting seminars and lectures since 1985 and continuously building a worldwide network of performance art through close contacts with cultural leaders and associated artists. This network, in accordance with the geographical and artistic origins of the participants, builds the model of a temporary community oriented towards integrity and constructive artistic collaboration. As the group’s name suggests, a “black market” is created here: the goods to be exchanged are cultural values. The “exchange” and the “negotiation” of “value” and “countervalue” are the contents of the performances. The actions construct a laboratory situation in which the participants can experience the competence and functioning of a communication structure that BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL calls a mental network. This mental network can be seen as a blueprint for a utopia of social relations.


date : March 1997
venue : Trinitatis Kirsche, Cologne, Germany
converted from VHS PAL 
archived in “Black Kit”  (Performance Art Archiv, Cologne, Germany)


Date : July 2005
Project : “Black Market International Meeting”
13th Performance Art Konferenz
venue: Tesla Poderwil’s Schen Palais     Berlin, Germany


year : 2018
project : Bone


project : Asiatopia 10
venue : Thailand
camera and edit by Joakim Stampe


date : 2010 (30. 11 – 5. 12.)
venue : Schlachthaus, Bern
project : BONE 13