Born and educated in Tokyo, Tari Ito began to explore performance art in 1986. She has since travelled her work extensively in Asia, Europe and North America. In addition to her performance practice, Ito appears as a lecturer, workshop and action organizer. As the founder of WAN (Women’s Art Network, 1994) Ito works from a feminist perspective.

Title : One Response for Bae Bong-gi and Countless Other Women
             ひとつの応答 ぺポンギさんと数えきれない女たちへ 
venue: Haebaru Cultural Center, Okinawa
date:28th April 2011

Title : Memor of Epidemics フェイス 表皮の記憶
date: 1st April 1994
venue :Franklyn Furnace,  NY