archive : Ieke Trinks

archive : Ieke Trinks

She is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. She has organized the annual Performance Art Event in Rotterdam and worked in collaboration with the all-girl improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER. She has performed at international venues, including FADO in Toronto, Defibrillator in Chicago, and every sort of start-up, up-start occasion in Brazil.

Her recent works are Value Products, Rings, Variety Show and Performance Monologues. In Value Products She explores the role of a sales person in charge of her own merchandise. Rings, in collaboration with Bernard Roddy, is about visiting, listening and recording doorbell sounds in homes of Chicago citizens. In Variety Show her focus is on the act of reproducing photo documentation of her past performances. Performance Monologues is a work in progress that started out with making audio recordings of artists describing one of their previously performed works. At the moment She is using the material to retell the spoken descriptions to a live audience.

Title : reconstructing a chair
venue : Madrid, Spain
project: Acción!MAD
In the large space of the former slaughterhouse Matadero, two chairs are positioned. She gives one chair to an audience member to sit on. She sits down on the other chair with a bouquet of flowers. She cuts the bouquet of flowers in two comparable pieces and give one to an audience member. Then she walks with her chair to the wall behind her and lift herself on the chair and stretch her body to write the word chair with chalk as high as possible on the surface of the wall.


Title :Trail of Trashure
Video documentation of a 1.5 miles route of sweeping
date: June 15th, 2019
venue: Bridgeport, Chicago
project: the Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly #2
Curator:  Angeliki Tsoli
Camera :Bernard Roddy
Bubbly Creek’s this years topic was on labor and working class communities Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.With her 3-hours and 30-minutes sweeping action she responds to the concept of labor. Their litter is not only refuse. It is also a sign of their times and says something about how they live. Each piece of litter has gone through many different hands. From the manufacturer to the transporter to the storage worker to the sales person and finally into the hands of the consumer.


Title : one thing after another #2
date: 2013
venue :The University Art Museum of Bloomington, USA
video: Roman Chrzanowski


Title : papier #3
date: 2013
venue : Amsterdam
organizer: Jolijn de Wolf & Liesje van den Berk 
Video: Bram Lamers