archive : インタラクシャ Interackje, Poland

archive : インタラクシャ Interackje, Poland


Esther Ferrer

venue: Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski
date: 8th May 2008
program: Interakcje – International Performance Art Festival
Camera and edited by Sakiko Yamaoka 2017


Adina Bar-On

Title: Vision
date : 2003
venue : Piotrkovtrybunalski, Poland
project : Interakcje 2003
The vision is initially that of a woman wearing black with her hair concealed under a dark material. She stands, with her eyes shut, then sits clutching a white bowl whose opening is concealed by its tilt. It only appears by the slight nods of her head that she is observing – us, or her-self. Her fingers concealed, inside the bowl, seem to touch substance inquisitively, then her finger seemingly delineates forms in the space in front of her and then color.There is the depiction substance line and color as visual insinuations; A mental discourse on the painterly, on the aesthetic perhaps. But mostly, this is about insight and foresight and oversight.


Title : Sacrifice
date : 2002
venue : Piotrkovtrybunalski, Poland
project : Interakcje 2002
In Sacrifice emotions form in vocal enunciations and melodic structures reminiscent of marches, lullabies, woman’s chatter, a baby crying, screams and anguish.
Victor Petrov, organizer of Navinki02, has written in the catalogue: “Concentrated emotions, plaintive singing and a scream, gesture, extreme emotionality. This is the inner dialogue of a screaming soul, a tale of time, reflections of one`s place in the world. The powerful vocal sounds accompanying it are like associations with femininity, love, and the origins of life”.In 2005 a sound disc will be launched (by TotamTo Sound & Media, Warsaw) adapting this performance, Sacrifice, to a total audio work.